More Security For Window Users

Fortres 101 for Windows has been beefed up with some new security functions including a new file protection system and a kiosk mode. The new secure file system bars malicious or inexperienced users from tampering with hard drive contents on Windows 3.1/95 PCs. With this addition, the program can now be configured to prevent users from viewing or overwriting specified files or directories. System administrators can even keep users from downloading files from remote locations, including the Internet. Plus, they can designate one directory where users can save and erase their own files. This lets each student have a work area, and protects a teacher's files as well. A new kiosk mode enables administrators to prevent users from switching, moving or resizing applications. This function is particularly suited for libraries with PCs that are used by the public. Other new features include the ability to import and export security settings; a diagnostic tool that maintains an audit trail of failed file operations; the ability to intercept reboot commands; and the ability to intercept keyboard shortcuts. Fortres 101 works on all major networks and on stand-alone PCs. An educational site license covers unlimited computers and includes toll-free technical support. Fortres Grand, Plymouth, IN, (800) 331-0372,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.