Panasonic Expands Digital Video Line

Panasonic has expanded its DVCPRO digital video recording product line, adding a laptop editor, professional recorder/player and automated record/playback system. These components join the firm's existing DVCPRO products, including the AJ-D700 camcorder and AG-EZ1U DV camcorder. Tailored for multimedia producers, the AG-EZ1U camcorder weighs less than 2.4 lbs. and records one hour of component digital video on a DAT-sized cassette. Features include a 20x zoom, 54dB signal-to-noise ratio and minimum illumination of 5 lux. Tapes can be played back by DVCPRO VTRs using an optional AJ-CS750 adapter with SMPTE time code. Representing a breakthrough in field production, the AJ-LT75 Laptop Editor integrates two discrete DVCPRO VTRs, two 6.5" color LCD monitors and a cuts-only editor in a compact package. Each VTR can record up to 123 minutes, and perform assemble, insert, multi-event, time code and audio split editing. During playback, the system shows pictures at up to 60x normal speed.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.