Assessment Software Sports New Features

Version 2.2 of Grady Profile, a performance-assessment program suited for pre-K to college classrooms, has two new features of note. The software facilitates portfolio-based assessment by storing "exhibits" (comprised of text, graphics, sound, video and more) that can then be displayed. First, Other Exhibits allows one to include projects or documents made with other programs, such as Digital Chisel, KidPix, HyperStudio, ClarisWorks, etc. Second, Database Export is a new report that enables one to place Grady Profile evaluation data into school or district databases. Version 2.2 can be downloaded as a free update. Plus, a new Speller add-on checks notes, skill-set descriptors and more for spelling errors, and has a search-and-replace function. The firm has a Web site with many support functions, and also offers a two-day training workshop. Aurbach & Associates, St. Louis, MO, (800) 77-GRADY,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.