CD Tower Line Has Ethernet Interface

The CD Tower-Ethernet Series incorporates Procom's "Smart Ethernet CD" controller, a built-in plug-and-play Ethernet connection interface for Novell Netware applications. The tower attaches to an unused Ethernet connection on an existing network, providing all workstations with access to individual CDs. The CD Tower Ethernet line d'es not attach to a computer and d'es not require the network to be taken down for installation. The unit can store as much as 1.75 million pages (4.5GB) of data within its compact, seven-drive enclosure, suitable for archiving or information sharing. DiscView, a Windows/DOS-based utility, manages CDs for an unlimited number of users. Network administrators can, for example, authorize or deny access to CD-ROM volumes. Drives are accessed as if they were read-only hard disks. The tower comes in three versions. Models feature double, triple and quadruple Procom CD-ROM drive mechanisms, SCSI-2 interfaces and sustained data transfer rates greater than 600KB. Procom Technology, Irvine, CA, (800) 800-8600,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.