Music Instruction CD Teaches the Basics

Going far beyond the standard "click and discover" mode seen so often in multimedia programs for early learning, Menlo the Frog features true interactivity, top-quality animation and a unique approach to interactive learning. The program provides foundations of musical literacy that pave the way for greater development of the critical spatial and conceptual thinking skills necessary for enhanced mathematical understanding. Presented in the form of an adventure game, students help Menlo recover a crucial key stolen by the evil King of Later. During their adventure, while they are discovering different areas of the fantasy land -- a beautiful underwater lagoon or tantalizingly yucky "Swamp of Someday," Menlo introduces foundation-building skills for beginning math and pre-reading concepts. Menlo the Frog builds and reinforces skills such as accurate listening and recognition of music, beat, rhythm and tone recognition, and auditory and memory skills used in creating original musical compositions.Windy Hill Productions, Menlo Park, CA, (415) 854-6127, [email protected]. WM

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.