New Modems Integrate Analog and ISDN Tech.

U.S. Robotics is shipping two new products that integrate V.Everything/V.34 modem technology with ISDN terminal adapters. Designed for Internet and remote-access solutions, the MP I-Modems support both ISDN and analog calls automatically on a per-call basis. The products serve as front-ends to other devices such as terminal servers, rackmounted PCs or existing remote-access servers, providing a seamless transition to ISDN. No additional external devices are needed because the MP-I directly connects to an ISDN wall jack. With ISDN service, users get increased bandwidth, up to 64Kbps, for Internet access and telecommuting. V.Everything technology assures that analog calls are connected at the highest possible rate, up to 33.6Kbps. As new features become available, they can be downloaded to the modem's flash ROM. The MP/8 I-modem connects to four ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) lines and supports eight "B" channels/ports; the MP/16 I-Modem connects to eight ISDN BRI lines and supports 16 "B" channels/ports. U.S. Robotics, Skokie, IL, (800) USR-CORP,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.