TVs Can Be Enhanced Via "Smart Card" Slot

The PC5220 and PC5225 from Philips are full-featured commercial televisions made exclusively for integrators desiring two-way interactivity for educational media access. A Smart Card Expansion Slot permits third-party control systems to be fully integrated inside the TV, eliminating set-top decoders and external data terminals. Other highlights are a Front Control Lockout, for selectively or completely disabling front control panel buttons, a Channel Guide, which provides an onscreen directory of channels and network affiliation, and a built-in Closed Caption Decoder. One may program the TV to tune in a specific channel when turned on, such as a campus bulletin board system. A Volume Limiter prevents audio from being raised, while a Volume Leveler detects variations in audio and adjusts to acceptable levels; both audio and video are automatically muted during a loss of signal. Both the PC5225 (25") and PC5220 (20") support 181 channels and come with an 8-foot cord. Philips Consumer Electronics Co., Knoxville, TX, (800) 223-4432,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.