35" TV/PC Monitor Suits Campus Needs

This 35" television is also a monitor for PC and Mac computers. Part of Zenith Electronics' Presentation series, the unit is in a SuperPort tamper-proof cabinet in which accessory modules may be added or switched for additional capabilities. Proprietary PCZTV converts Mac and PC signals.

Features of the Presentation PC/TV monitor suited for class use include a customizable menu seen by end users and various remote settings control including closed-captioning. The unit boasts 560+ lines of TV resolution, MTS Stereo, A/V input jacks, external speaker jack and a 20-ft. power cord.

An optional Quickset CloneProgrammer lets an administrator set up one Presentation monitor, then use its remote to reprogram all similar sets. Five- or seven-year leases are available. Zenith Electronics Corp., Glenview, IL, (847) 391-7000, www.zenith.com.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.