Courseware Covers PC Skills in Std. Apps

ITC's Education and Industry Division, formed in January 1996, aids districts and colleges by providing CBT training on common software applications. Their PC Skills courseware suits teachers, staff, administrators and students.

Now, new PC SkillsPlus courses cover Microsoft Office programs, Lotus Office products, and other general PC knowledge.

A student workbook included with each course provides reinforcing material and exercises. This new library of multimedia courses preserves instructional integrity while offering new features.

A new detailed Topical Index makes looking up sections a breeze. Integral Pre- and Post-Testing helps instructors assess their students' abilities, while new comprehensive Record-Keeping functions give educators tools to track student progress. PC SkillsPlus courseware also features a new Bookmark function for student convenience.

ITC's Education and Industry Division also offers a Technical Skills library. ITC, Herndon, VA, (703) 713-3335. W

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.