Hands-On Courses Cover Telecom Art

A new series of courses from Heathkit Educational Systems addresses the principles and applications of the recent federal Telecommunications Act of 1996. 

There are six TelCom Tech Knowledge courses, each requiring hands-on experimentation. The PC Communications and the Information Highway course introduces secondary and post-secondary students to data communications basics such as standards, protocols and interfaces; modems and multiplexers; and ISDN. Another course, Networking Topologies and Cabling, helps one learn grounding, preparing cable ends, testing cables and more; users simulate running cables from wall jacks to a wiring closet. 

Third in the series, Principles of Electronic Communications explains the important properties of electronic signals as they relate to communications theory; topics include frequency, phase, power, harmonics, modulation, distortion, wave form analysis and filtering. Telephone Systems, meanwhile, surveys the theories, processes and apparatus associated with telephone service. Two other courses introduce wireless communications fundamentals and systems. Heathkit Educational Systems, Benton Harbor, MI, (800) 253-0570, www.heathkit.com.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.