Internet Suite Beefs Up LAN Softwares

IWare Internet Suite provides the same simple and secure Internet access for NetWare networks that IWare Connect provides, while adding an easy-to-use Internet application suite. 

The Suite includes Quarterdeck Mosaic, Quarterdeck Message Center for mail and news, QFTP for file transfers and QTERM for telnet. The package is licensed on concurrent- usage basis so all  users of a NetWare LAN can simultaneously Web surf, download files, and read newsgroups or e-mail messages. 

Firewall protection hides the addresses of workstations from hackers and limits access to specified sites. Administrators may also restrict access by users, groups, time of day and type of application. Quarterdeck Corp., Marina del Rey, CA, (310) 309-3700, W

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.