Speech Therapists Benefit from New SW

SpeechViewer III, from IBM, is a therapy tool for professionals trained in the treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.

Shipping on a CD, it augments traditional procedures, letting speech therapists, ESL teachers and others work with speech attributes such as voicing, pitch, loudness, sustained phoneme production accuracy and speech timing. It is also suited for accent improvement.

The program's note-taking and enhanced phoneme model creation will be appreciated by both new and experienced users, and its revised GUI makes working with children or adults a breeze. Activities include Sound Presence, Loudness Range, Voice Presence, Voice Onset, Voice Timing, Pitch Range, Multiphoneme chains, Spectra Patterning and more.

As with previous versions, SpeechViewer III supports extensive statistical analysis, diagnosis and intervention.

A demonstration disk can be ordered by calling the number listed below. IBM, Austin, TX, (800) 426-4832, www.ibm.com. OS2 W

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.