Character Animation Easier w/3DS Plug-In

With Bones Pro, character animators can dispense with moving vertices, bending faces and creating morph targets.

This skeletal deformation plug-in for 3D Studio allows one to construct simple box skeletons for any object and use Keyframer commands to rotate, twist and scale the bones. Inside the smooth shaded Bones Pro interface, users will see the bones alter the mesh, creating incredible animations. Final rendering is automatic and done without morph targets.

Bones Pro also comes packed with Smooth, a stand-alone plug-in that smoothes 3D models, allowing users to create smooth, organic models quickly and easily.

Digimation, distributor for Bones Pro, has a catalog outlining their complete line of 3D Studio-related videos, books, plug-ins, hardware, software and CDs. Digimation, Inc., St. Rose, LA, (800) 854-4496.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.