SGI 3D Modeling SW Uses Gloves & Handset

For use on powerful SGI workstations, SmartModel Technology combines a two-handed Pinch Glove interface with a stereo-optic head-mounted display to offer a new approach to assembling real-time 3D scenes. This ability is useful in applications ranging from research to early childhood development.

The complex tasks of positioning, scaling and rotation of objects are done simultaneously in a single, natural hand gesture. The gloves use fingertip touch pads that provide the functionality of two four-button mice, and the head-mounted display immerses the builder in a 3D visual work space, increasing intuitive functioning.

A Visual 3D Browser and 3D Volume Manager help users search, select, organize and manipulate complex models and sub-scenes for comparison, copy and paste. And, ModelTime automated behaviors enable SmartModels to be quickly snapped together, replicated and scaled in size. MultiGen, Inc., San Jose, CA, (408) 261-4100,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.