Swim With Sharks in Animal Planet

Kids age nine and up will enjoy exploring the vast animal kingdom presented in Discovery Channel Multimedia's Animal Planet CD-ROM. Much more than just a CD-based encyclopedia, Animal Planet features breathtaking graphics and lush panoramic views of 8 distinct ecosystems, complete with natural ambient sounds.

Over 1,100 life forms -- insects, birds, mammals, fish and more -- are profiled in-depth, including full color photos and text descriptions of animals' internal anatomy and skeletal structure. Statistics on size and weight, eating habits, mating habits, natural habitats, special characteristics, behavioral patterns, hunting behavior and life cycles are also included.

Students choose any of the eight ecosystems to learn more about its inhabitants, following their curiosity through more than 9,500 links.

The Mac/Win CD features Bio Web, an online connection to more than 1,000 carefully screened and selected animal-related Web sites. Animal Tracker, a comprehensive search engine, can access more than 20,000 items on the CD by name, family or ecosystem. And Report Helper, an excellent tool for students, can help kick cases of writer's block.

Helpful hints and thought-provoking questions on how to start and organize a report, how to write a bibliography and where to find more information make report writing a snap. Discovery Channel Multimedia, Bethesda, MD, (800)678-3343, multimedia.discovery.com.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.