Convertible Keyboard Is a "Switch Hitter"

The Kinesis keyboard lets users switch between the conventional QWERTY and the innovative ìDvorakî layouts with a simple key combination. Dual legends on the keycaps identify appropriate keys in either mode. 

The QD keyboard features separate concave keypads for each hand, which improve arm positioning; separate thumb keypads, which reallocate workload from weaker fingers; vertical key layout, which reflects natural finger motions; plus integral padded palm support and low-force key switches, which reduce impact. 

Two Kinesis models are available. The Essential QD d'es not support onboard programming of macros, while the Professional QD offers such programmability as well as a bundled foot switch and keyboard maintenance software. 

Dr. August Dvorakís keyboard layout places the most commonly used keys in the easiest-to-reach positions. One study showed that participants increased accuracy by 68% and their typing speed by 74% when using a Dvorak layout. Kinesis Corp., Bothell, WA, (206) 402-8100,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.