Kids Can Explore Careers Via CD

The CD-ROM version of The Childrenís Dictionary Of Occupations lets youngsters explore more than 300 ways to make a living. 

Aimed at grades 2-6, this CD contains all the easy-to-understand text of Meridianís best-selling book with the same title, plus animation and live-action video that help kids see what the work world has to offer. 

Students can take an interactive visit to dozens of offices and work sites. And, for younger children, the disc is fully narrated, so even students with undeveloped reading skills can use the program. 

The (Windows/Mac) disc shares the simple organization of its print predecessor. Children can look up occupations alphabetically, or they can examine 12 career areas such as creative arts, scientific, humanitarian and industrial. Under creative arts, for example, more than two dozen job titles are covered. Plus, related careers are grouped together, such as 10 different types of engineering occupations. Once students find a career of interest, they can print out its description. 

Special discounts are given for orders of lab packs of five or more. Meridian Education Corp., Bloomington, IL, (800) 727-5507

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.