Now Italian Can Be Learned Naturally

Italian is the newest addition to the highly-acclaimed series of language learning CD-ROMs, The Rosetta Stone Language Library. Anyone over the age of eight can use the program on their Windows or Mac computer to learn to understand, speak and read Italian.

Rosetta Stone programs offer a tried-and-tested method to learn a new language the way one learned their native language: without memorizing, translating or studying grammar rules.

By replicating the give and take of learning that occurs while acquiring a native language, students associate words with objects and ideas because they are introduced in a context where meaning is clear and reinforcement is immediate.

In addition to Italian, CDs are available for Spanish, French, German, Dutch, English, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Other languages are under development.

The Rosetta Stone includes written materials to reinforce and expand learning, and a student management system to track various information. Demo CDs are available. Fairfield Language Technologies, Harrisonburg, VA, (800) 788-0822, WM

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.