Training Strategy SW Gives Advice

ADVISOR 2.0, a training strategy decision support tool, has been updated with many new functions and features. The software assists in selecting the most cost-effective method and media for the delivery of training.

The Windows program has tools to easily analyze a training course and determine direct and hidden costs for each alternative method of delivery (i.e., print, cassette tape, CBT, video conferencing, etc.).

It also helps one figure out the up-front investment required to implement each delivery method, as well as showing savings over the training programís life with one method versus another. And it also determines the time required to recover the initial investment.

In addition, the software presents steps, resources and deliverables for each phase of the development process, and provides a model for evaluating off-the-shelf and customized CBT/multimedia courses. It also indicates the impact of training technology on various groups in an organization.

ADVISOR 2.0 presents results in easy-to-follow charts, effectively communicating its analysis, and provides reports that support and document the decision process. A free demo disk is available. BNH Expert Software, Inc., St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, (800) 747-4010.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.