Connect Sites With Video, Audio & Data Transmit Video, Audio And Data Over Fiber

Fiber Options has introduced the 2045B/SB and 2031B/SB ConferenceConnection fiber-optics linking units.

Suited for two- and four-year college campuses and distant learning environments, both units provide two-way transmission of composite video and audio over one fiber, either multi- or single-mode, while the 2045B/SB also handles data transmissions.

Both units can be configured for stand-alone operation or integrated into 19î rack-mount systems, and feature a 10MHz video bandwidth and 20-20kHz audio channels. Optical AGC insures operation over a wide optical path loss, with attenuation up to 20dB possible over single-mode fiber using the firmís 2031SBL and 2000SBL laser-equipped models.

Diagnostic status indicators on the unitsí face monitor both input and output levels as well as Level/Loss for received optical power. Fiber Options, Inc., Bohemia, NY, (800) 342-3748,

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.