Correlations Tool Aligns Curriculum

VITAL ResourceMiner is a software package that organizes, aligns and correlates curriculum to educational objectives, instructional materials and assessments.

Using a patented natural language neural network and artificial intelligence technologies, the software identifies and ranks the most relevant resources within a data set, addressing objectives specified by educators. All content in the set is searched on the basis of concepts, such as themes and strands, as well as on discrete skills. It is not keyword-based.

As teachers enter local objectives into the program they can also indicate specific student needs and interests, locating suitable instructional resources.

VITAL ResourceMiner simultaneously aligns all aspects of the curriculum including national and state requirements, district objectives, publishersí instructional content and standardized tests.

As part an agreement with Aptex Software, ResourceMinerís developer, Jostens Learning has 'EM licensing and selling rights for the package in the K-12 arena. For schools, Jostens is creating a special, comprehensive data set for the program. It will include their entire Jostens Learning Curriculum software modules, major textbooks and multimedia instructional resources, objectives for major standardized tests, state and district objectives, assessment measures, and current standards from organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Aptex and Jostens will also create custom data sets for education institutions upon request. For more information about the software and operating system requirements, visit Aptexís Web site at Jostens Learning Corp., San Diego, CA, (800) 521-8538,

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.