Create Photorealistic Textures Easily

With Texture Creator, graphic designers can create an unlimited number of photorealistic 3D textures. Aimed at developers of Web sites, presentations, games and digital graphics of all kinds, this program includes powerful features in a user- friendly environment.

A gallery of 200 preset textures is included on the disc and these can be easily modified and changed to oneís preference. Once selected or created, textures can be rendered to disc at any size or resolution. Textures can also be edited at any time, and can comprise up to seven separate layers, each modifiable.

The software can recreate natural textures: wood, clouds, stone, ripples, bumpy surfaces, etc. It can also make orderly patterns as well as combine natural textures with man-made patterns, including logos or pictures.

Unlike pattern-based textures or scans, textures created with Texture Creator increase in detail when they are rendered at higher resolutions. Three D Graphics, Los Angeles, CA, (800) 913-0008, WM

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.