Just In!

CyberEd has introduced six new titles to its Interactive Multimedia Biology courseware, covering topics including Biochemistry, Blood and Immunity, The Biosphere, Viruses and Bacteria and more. (888) 318-0700 

Follett Software is offering three new training videos for libraries using automation products in the Unison design. Using Your PHD+ II, Understanding Reports and Using MARC Records all provide short and simple explanations for Follett library automation tools. (800) 323-3397 

Digimation has recently shipped LenZFX MAX, the latest rendition of the popular plug-in for 3D Studio. It contains four modules (Glow, Hilight, Flare and Focus) that give unprecedented reality to special effects, and includes Inferno, a fractal-technology special effects generator. (800) 854-4496 

Red Hat Software's Red Hat Linux 4.1 includes over 100 updated and 21 new packages, including the latest Linux kernel 2.0.27. The latest release of this award-winning desktop OS works with Intel PCs and Digital Alpha and Sun SPARC computers. (800) 454-5502 

Power On Software's Screen to Screen, remote screen-sharing software for Macs, can be downloaded for a free trial from the company's Web site at www.poweronsw.com. It lets administrators observe 35 or more thumbnail views of users' screens, enlarging any thumbnail on command. (800) 797-7382 

Allen Communication has upgraded their CBT product Designer's Edge to Version 2.0. A new Pro version includes a Stand-Up Training Module that outputs lesson plans and instructor guides. (800) 662-4041 

Chancery Software and Misty City Software have signed an 'EM agreement that will allow Chancery to integrate a custom version of Grade Machine (using the name eClass) into the Mac School and Win School SISs. (800) 999-9931 In related news, Misty City has recently released Grade Machine 6.5, with new features like Multi-Class Reports, Smart Data Exchange and more. (800) 795-0049 

MicroNet Technology's DiskWorks Unlimited 3.1 adds support for IDE devices. The powerful drive management software gives Power Mac users tools for gaining performance from SCSI and now IDE storage devices. (800) 800-DISK 

The 1997 edition of Grolier's Encyclopedia Americana now includes the academic press Dictionary of Science and Technology. It also links to Web sites via Grolier's Internet Index, and includes a revised interface for Windows 95. (800) 243-7256 

Strata's MediaForge 2.5 upgrade features integrated and scriptable 3D support by means of VRML, 3DMF and QuickDraw 3D. This 3D design, multimedia, digital video and authoring software package now also supports DirectSound, file compression and conglomeration, and more. (800) 531-3227 

CyberFinder 2.1.1 is a free upgrade for CyberFinder users that allows one to store, organize and access bookmarks from the Macintosh Finder. Educators interested can download Aladdin Systems' demo from www.aladdinsys.com/cyberfinder/

Fractal Design is offering Poser 2, which upgrades the 3D modeling software with new animation, high-resolution models, better import/export features and more. Poser 2 makes creating lifelike animation easy by combining keyframe animation and inverse kinematics. (800) 846-0111

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.