Manage Events & Floor Space With SW

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Optimum Settings
Grades: Hi-Ed
Platform: Windows 3.1x/95/NT

Manage Events & Floor Space With SW

Optimum Settings is an event management and floorspace design software package that includes some very useful and innovative features promising to make an administrative staff member's job easier and less time consuming. It lets meeting planners and conference and facility managers plan, design and manage dimensionally accurate room layouts with automatic-fit table and seating arrangements, audio/visual placements, room partitions, furnishings and more.

The software creates detailed room diagrams showing doors, windows, angled walls or other structural features, and has a library of equipment and furnishings that can be placed, sized and rotated. A powerful feature is Optimizer Technology, which automates the tedious task of table and seating setups, design and placements, by automatically calculating layout and space and recommending the number of chairs, tables, rows, columns and aisles, based on the room size and number of people attending. It can even diagram optimum viewing angles for a projection screen.

Optimum Settings' event management features include automatic tracking of inventory, guest lists and name tags and can show guest name, company name, table and seat location and food preferences. And, it will print graphical Table Tents and name tags for guests. CEO Software, Tucson, AZ, (800) 441-2581,

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.