108 Years of National Geographic On CD-ROM

The Complete National Geographic
Grades: 4-12
Platform: Windows 95/3.1, Macintosh

108 Years of National Geographic On CD-ROM

National Geographic Interactive and Mindscape are releasing The Complete National Geographic -- 108 Years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM. This impressive collection, housed on 30 CD-ROMs, should satisfy everyone even remotely interested in geography, stellar photography (with the help of Eastman Kodak), or National Geographic.

The collection includes every page of every issue from the magazineís 108-year history. For those counting, thatís over 7,500 articles, 175,000 pages of text, and over 100 years of classic advertisements. Searching this massive collection is a breeze using the comprehensive search engine and search index on every CD-ROM. Search by date, issue or cover; subject (topic, title or key word); explorer, writer or photographer; advertiser; and photographs or maps.

Students can print pages in color or black and white, and bookmark articles they want to return to later. And, a direct link to the National Geographic Web site (www.nationalgeographic.com) takes you to the latest features, activities, expeditions and news. The best part of this exciting resource? The price: only $300 for all 30 CD-ROMs. Mindscape, Inc., Novato, CA, (800) 231-3088, www.mindscapeschool.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.