Boost Network Productivity and Block Pornography

For network and computer lab administrators trying to improve network efficiency and productivity, while at the same time blocking obscene Internet activity, look into LittleBrother 1.5, from Kansmen Corp.

The software monitors Internet usage on networks, reporting how much bandwidth is used for applications such as Web, FTP, Telnet, Mail, News and more; who uses the most resources; and which sites are visited the most. It keeps track of WWW, FTP and newsgroup usage by user, site, protocol, bytes transferred and time spent. LittleBrother can also monitor network applications such as NetWare file transfer, Microsoft file transfer, Oracle and Sybase.

Using the programís comprehensive reports, administrators can choose to block unproductive sites for individuals or groups of users, limit certain Internet traffic so business traffic has more bandwidth, and automatically send and log warnings to users that violate school Internet access policies. LittleBrother 1.5 runs under Windows 95 or NT computers and d'esnít require special network or workstation configuration. Kansmen Corp., Milpitas, CA, (408) 263 9881,

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.