Late Breaks

Time Life Education now distributes more than 150 videos from the Turner Learning archives, including footage from CNN Newsroom and TNT Originals. Some titles available to schools are "Survivors of the Holocaust," "Gettysburg," "The Fall of the Berlin Wall," "Tiananmen Square" and "Science in the Rain Forest." Turner Learning also will share its electronic field trips and will produce videos "on demand" for Time Life. The first such product, "Weather Flash" (SRP $99.95), ships this month; aimed at grades 4-8, it combines transparencies, project cards, a video and a teacherís guide. (800) 344-6219  

CAUSE and EDUCOM, two leading non-profit higher education consortiums, plan to form a single corporation starting in January. "CAUSE has developed great strength in member services and professional development through its management institutes and regional conferences, while Educe is well known in Washington policy circles through its advocacy roles," noted CAUSE President Jane Ryland. Both organizations have asked their members to provide feedback about the proposed merger. (303) 449-4430  

Bentley Systems has licensed the Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems, and will incorporate the technology into the forthcoming MicroStation/J edition. According to Keith Bentley, Bentleyís CEO, native Java support will allow MicroStation users to build engineering applications that connect far better to enterprise systems and the Internet. MicroStation/J, scheduled for release in early 1998, will continue to fully support the MicroStation Development Language (MDL). (800) BENTLEY  

Ovid Technologies has slashed the access fees for its online service in the U.S. and Canada by nearly 50%. The discounts are designed to make Ovid Online more affordable for small and mid-sized academic institutions. In related news, seven members of the Boston Library Consortium have contracted with Ovid for fixed-fee, remote access to BIOSIS Previews. (800) 950-2035 

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.