Online Collaboration for Students Is Easy

Grades: 3-12
Platform: Windows 95/3.1, Macintosh

Online Collaboration for Students Is Easy

Zebu is a Web-authoring program that students access solely over the Internet, using Netscape Navigator on a Windows or Mac computer. Without learning HTML or any programming language, students can hop right on and create online projects, Web sites and more using Java-enhanced Zebu.

Collecting materials from the Web, online conferencing with other students, and accessing projects from home are all activities facilitated by the software. One can enter and edit text, place graphics, audio and video into a project, and more. Teachers can easily create templates to guide students in their own activities, and set up various security levels to grant access to projects. For more information on this simple yet powerful tool, visit the firmís Web site at MC2 Learning Systems, Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada, (888) 808-0388.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.