Encyclopedia Boasts New Content, Interface

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998
Grades: All
Platform: Windows, Macintosh

Encyclopedia Boasts New Content, Interface

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998 features much more multimedia content along with an improved interface for easier navigation. Now filling two CD-ROMs, Grolier 1998 gives users access to two additional encyclopedias, Encyclopedia Americana and The New Book of Knowledge. Also included in the program is connection via the Web to the Grolier Internet Index and Grolier Article Updates, which provide an average of 500 revisions each month.

The encyclopedia now has over 10,000 pictures, over 35,000 articles, 15 new Guided Tours, six new graphic interface "themes," twice as many videos and more animation. A new Points of Interest feature has been added, which highlights famous landmarks with 400 detailed photographs directly linked to city maps. Multiplex Videos, another new feature, brings six movies on related subjects to a single screen, along with background information and hyperlinks to related articles. And Multimedia Maps combine history and geography in dynamic presentations, focusing on topics such as World War II, The History of Russia and Magellan's Voyage.

Other features from past editions have been improved, including the Guided Tours, Yearbook, video essays, story-of-the-month picture albums, and chronology of events. A single-disc version of Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998 is available, but users must make do without access to the additional encyclopedias and 250,000 word dictionary, and less multimedia content. Grolier Interactive, Inc., Danbury, CT, (800) 217-1495, http://gi.grolier.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.