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Tremont Software's SMx is an SIS (Student Information System) that offers sortable and reportable user-defined fields, letting you design a custom database. Custom reports, mail merge, integrated modules, and even an optional bar code wand reader all make this a full-featured SIS. SMx is a DOS-based program that can run in Windows. (800) 372-7398   

Webfinity, a subsidiary of Pierian Spring, is making available its Visual Workbench technology, a visual programming environment that supports JavaBeans, for source code licensing. The Visual Workbench is 100% Java and is based on the latest JDK 1.1. Beans can be easily assembled to create complex programs using a simple line drawing metaphor. (800) 304-8262   

Harmonic Vision has released network and PowerStation versions of its multiple-award-winning Music Ace software. The network version lets administrators manage up to 3,600 users on a LAN, organizing student files in up to 60 groups. The PowerStation version can track between 240 to 1,440 students on one computer. Both versions of this hybrid Win/Mac music education software include the Music Ace Teacher's Guide. (800) 644-4994   

MacPrefect, used extensively in the education environment to protect computers from overzealous users, has been upgraded to version 4.1. It now offers an option to lock folders on all local volumes, and the FolderSweep feature can now sweep the top level of the hard drive. Additionally, you can also make unauthorized applications visible. Visit www.hi-resolution.com for more details. (800) 455-0888   

A-V Online, the comprehensive multimedia database for education, is now available as an Internet service. A-V Online contains the entire NICEM master file describing almost 580,000 audiovisual items, in 430,000 bibliographic entries. For more information, contact [email protected]. (800) 343-0064, ext. 744   

CASPR Library Systems has purchased the library automation products and services of McGraw-Hill School Systems. This includes the Columbia Library System (CLS) used in over 2,700 schools and libraries across North America. CASPR will provide technical support and services to those customers. (800) 852-2777   

Computer Curriculum Corp. (CCC) has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Research Machines, a leading supplier of software and services to the UK education system. Research Machine has purchased a ten-year contract to license, market and distribute CCC products in the UK. (800) 455-7910   

ArcCAD, the GIS (Geographic Information System) product that gives AutoCAD users ARC/INFO data management and analysis capability within AutoCAD, is now available for use with AutoCAD Release 14. ArcCAD 14 is compatible with Windows 95/NT, and is available free of charge to current users of ArcCAD Version 11.4.1. (800) 447-9778.   

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.