Media Management SW Aids Media Centers

To assist media centers with their management tasks, Rauland Borg has developed AVator, an easy-to-use software package that keeps track of all media and equipment.

Used over a LAN or WAN, teachers can access the software to conduct searches for media and to reserve media and hardware. The software's database capability allows you to create catalogs from written material or even convert existing electronic catalogs for integration into AVator. It will also update the catalog automatically, saving data entry time.

AVator will help manage any kind of media retrieval and distribution system, whether an institution uses portable carts or a centralized system connected to the classrooms. It will notify media center staff when to place titles in machines, and records user/usage information for tracking and inventory purposes. For more information on AVator, call (800) 752-7725. Rauland Borg Corp., Skokie, IL,

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.