Network Analysis Software Used for Real-World "Networks"

An interesting product from ESRI titled NetEngine has recently been released. A programmer's library designed for network analysis, NetEngine gives software developers tools for network modeling, pathfinding and tracing of network topology. It provides the capability to define, store, traverse and analyze networks that represent real-world geographic features such as streets and highways, railroads, water and sewer lines, and electric, gas or telecom facilities.

Developers can access NetEngine functions through the C language on several UNIX variants and PCs, or any development environment supporting a 32-bit dynamic link library in Windows 95 or NT. The software lets programmers use networks larger than will fit in the physical or virtual memory or the computer system, through a specialized network memory management module. To find out how NetEngine or other ESRI software may be beneficial to your institution, call (800) 447-9778. ESRI, Inc., Redlands, CA,

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.