Bell Atlantic Helps Launch Enterprise Zone in N.Y.

Bell Atlantic has joined forces with Congressman Major Owens (D-NY), the New York Institute of Technology, the New York City Board of Education, the New York State Department of Education, the Education Technology Think Tank and New York Connects to launch an Educational Enterprise Zone in Brooklyn.

The firm will develop the first model site at the Mahalia Jackson Junior High School, outfitting the campus with high-speed communication lines. "The main idea is to link high-bandwidth telecommunications services, computers and Web capabilities with good, old-fashioned teacher-led classroom learning," said Duane Albro, Bell Atlantic's operating vice president.

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) will work with other content providers, such as libraries and museums, to bring new learning activities into classrooms. At a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus Education Braintrust, Stan Silverman, NYIT's executive director, demonstrated how students could "visit" with NASA astronauts in Houston, Texas, using hand-held cameras and monitors.

The Education Braintrust meeting, held in September, was organized by The Education Technology Think Tank (ET3), a partnership of business, civic and government sector representatives committed to harnessing technology and telecommunications to empower traditionally underserved communities. For more information on ET3, call Ronnie Lowenstein at (703) 255-0990. Bell Atlantic, New York, NY, (800) 621-9900,

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.