Copiers / Duplicators

The Priport VT2250 digital duplicator lets you print from a book or bound document by placing it directly on the glass. This eliminates the step of making a single copy of a page then using that page as the original for digital duplication.

"The VT2250's unique direct book copying feature is much appreciated by teachers and other educators, who now have a simple, one-step solution for their duplication needs," says John Reiling, Ricoh's Priport marketing manager.

The VT2250 prints at a lower cost than virtually any copier or laser printer alternative. On runs of 150 or more, the cost per page drops to one-third of a cent, approximately one-fifth the cost of a photocopied page. With its rapid duplicating speeds, adjustable from 60 to 120 prints per minute, the unit fits well in high-volume production environments.

A state-of-the-art thermal head ensures remarkably clear image quality from a variety of materials. Optional features include an Automatic Document Feed that accepts all kinds of paper, including light and heavy paper stocks and irregularly edged originals. A snap-in color replacement drum can print in red, blue, green, brown, yellow, purple, navy blue, maroon, teal and orange.

With an optional interface, the VT2250 connects to IBM-compatible or Macintosh computers, enabling printouts to be made from word processing, publishing or spreadsheet programs. Ricoh Corp., West Caldwell, NJ, (201) 882-2000,

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From Duplo comes the DP-43 Series of digital duplicators, designed to turn novices into seasoned publishers. Advanced features include a three-roller feeding system, three different print modes (text, photo and text/photo) and air-assisted sheet separation.

Both the DP-43S (Standard) and DP-43E (Editing) models sport a pre-inking system that inks the cylinder prior to the first print and at pre-determined intervals when the duplicator is not in use. Also standard are a flat platen for book copying, a patented master disposal system, automatic background recognition, a 50-300 percent zoom and security lockout.

The DP-43E adds a touch-screen editing system that lets documents be modified with a simple pen stroke or totally customized by changing the orientation, content and arrangement of text, graphics and photographs. A SCSI computer interface sells separately. Duplo U.S.A. Corp., Santa Ana, CA, (714) 752-8222.

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All six models in Panasonic's Medallion Series of copiers were given a "Recommended" rating after a rigorous three-month testing period by the independent Buyers Laboratory (BLI). Panasonic launched the Medallion Series last fall based on extensive input from customers regarding price, performance, functionality and reliability.

Here's a sampling of what BLI noted in its testing: The FP-7750 (50 copies per minute) "is easily one of the most attractively priced units in this speed range, costing as much as $5,000 less (on a retail basis) than some comparable units." The FP-7742 (42 CPM) offered "very high overall efficiency rates and above average reliability."

According to BLI, the FP-7722 (22 CPM) "distinguished itself during testing by setting new standards in its class for duplex efficiency." Testers made 90,000 impressions with the FP-7722 and required no service calls. All six copiers "proved to be highly reliable and strong overall performers," said Anthony F. Polifrone, BLI's president.

A highlight of the Medallion series is Quantum Technology, a patented process through which the copier adjusts itself after evaluating variables such as white balance and gray scale. When copying from a newspaper clipping, for example, the unit eliminates unwanted lines or images that "bleed through" the opposite page. Quantum Technology even allows the copier to adapt itself to different environments by measuring the temperature, humidity and other factors. Panasonic Office Products Co., Secaucus, NJ, (800) 742-8086,

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Mita has loaded "big" features previously found only on its high-end models into its low-volume copiers to provide educators with time and cost saving advantages. The Mita DC-1860, for example, operates at 18 copies per minute and can automatically duplex, collate, staple and auto feed documents at the touch of a button.

The copier promises a warm-up time of 45 seconds or less, with the first copy produced in 5.5 seconds. Advanced modes allow for professional looking reports to be generated in house. If desired, reduce or zoom originals from 50% to 200% in 1% increments.

Mita engineers have designed the DC-1860 with a short, straight paper path, improved drum cleaning and efficient toner recycling. Up to 7,000 copies are possible from one toner cartridge and up to 80,000 copies can be made before replacing the developer and drum. Recommended volume is up to 25,000 copies per month.

For more demanding applications, the DC-8095 and DC-6595 copiers operate at 80 and 65 CPM respectively. Mita recently introduced PC Software and Connectivity solutions so that users can deliver documents from the computer to either of these copiers via a Local Area Network. Mita Copystar America, Fairfield, NJ, (800) ABC-MITA,

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The Xerox DocuColor 5799 copier/printer ships with C-TRACS (Customer Tone Reproduction Auto Calibration System), advanced software for recalibrating the machine to optimum levels. The copier operates at nine full-color or 36 monochrome images per minute.

"C-TRACS gives users the ability to perform a quick and simple copier/printer 'tune up' just before starting a big job, much as a musician would tune an instrument right before a concert," said Mark R. Hill, vice president of Xerox Digital Solutions Business Unit.

Other advantages found in the DocuColor 5799 are a new Image Processing System board and HIEST (Highlight Image Enhancement Screen Technology). Automatic color sensing instantly recognizes if a document is black-only and processes it at a faster speed. The 5799 best suits environments with a monthly output of between 7,000 and 30,000 pages.

The system connects to the Splash PCI, EFI XJ, EFI XJ+ and ColorAge DocuPress Pro families of digital controllers. Under the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, the firm will replace the unit at no cost if the user is not satisfied for any reason. Xerox Corp., Office Document Products Group, Rochester, NY, (716) 427-4366,

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RISO unveiled three new products at the Print 97 trade show this fall: the GR3770 Risograph, a 600 x 600 dpi digital duplicator; the NC Numbering System; and the TM5000 Sorter. When combined with the SC7000 Series System Controller, these products form a turnkey solution for printing and desktop publishing.

The GR3770 incorporates a new thermal head, improved high-density masters and blacker ink, resulting in better print resolution and screening. The unit prints at speeds up to 120 pages per minute on a variety of paper stocks from 14 to 110 lbs. Some standard features are Job Memory and Programming, Two-Up Printing and Book Center Erase.

Specifically designed for the GR Series of Risographs, the NC Numbering System lets you sequentially number invoices, tickets, tags, pads, envelopes and more. The rotary-type cylinder prints up to seven digits in red or black ink. Customers select the numbering option -- ascending, descending, skipping, etc. -- that best meets their needs.

The TM5000 sorting module offers online jogging, sorting and a choice of auto-stapling capabilities from a dedicated 5,000-capacity staple cartridge. The sorter contains 50 bins and permits multiple module connection in increments of 50. An LCD control panel, error and status control monitor, and automatic paper alignment simplify operation.

With the SC7000 installed, the Risograph prints genuine Adobe PostScript Level II, PCL5 and PCL5e files from stand-alone or networked computers. A 300MB hard disk stores commonly used fonts and outlines. RISO, Inc., Danvers, MA, (508) 777-7377,

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Danka Office Imaging now distributes the Kodak ImageSource M50cp copier-printer, which scans, copies and prints at up to 50 pages a minute. The machine's intended monthly volume is 25,000 to 100,000 pages.

Schools may replace low-volume laser printers or copiers with one or more digital devices such as the M50cp. "Expenses for equipment, service and consumables are reduced while reliability and image quality improve," stated Sam Errigo, Danka's product marketing manager.

Because documents are managed and stored electronically, the copier-printer prints, collates, outputs and staples a complete set at a time. Incoming files are processed while current jobs print. Danka Office Imaging, Rochester, NY, (716) 784-0000.

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.