Interactive Atlas Offers More Than Maps

New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe
Grades: All
Platform: Windows 95/NT

Interactive Atlas Offers More Than Maps

New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe, from Rand McNally, puts a new spin on atlas software, giving users new "personalization" tools, along with reference information previously available only in encyclopedias.

Incorporating 1.6 million place names, this product also offers Personalized Notebooks, which enable users to gather and save groups of maps and information for later viewing or printing. The Map Styles feature lets you select a style such as political, outline, transportation, antique or student, along with the usual relief maps. Virtually every aspect of the main map can be changed to further suit your research needs. Map Markers, another interesting feature, allows you to add personalized information to any map, then save, display or print the map. The software also lets you compare maps and demographics.

New Millennium includes a 3D map of the world that can be viewed as a globe or wall map, and offers detailed street maps for 65 major cities. Also, the GeoFacts feature finds geographic information from any place in the world. As for editorial content, the software features 14 interactive explorations of various topics such as volcan'es; hundreds of articles that describe our constantly changing world; Internet links; and 17 thematic maps from Goode's World Atlas. Finally, the software lets you print maps and other information for reports or classroom integration. Rand McNally, Skokie, IL, (800) 671-5006, ext. 854,

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.