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SALUT, from Texas Learning Technology Group (TLTG), is a science series designed to improve academic achievement in science for second language learners in grades 5-8. Three CDs, support activities, laboratory work, Internet- and home-based projects all help students acquire academic language and scientific terminology by investigating the nature, history and application of science. A variety of ESL strategies and Spanish-language support are provided. (800) 580-8584  

Taking a page from Netscape's book, WINDSOR USA is offering its WINDSOR School Administration Software free as a replacement for any existing system. The free system includes enrollment, attendance, master schedule builder, schedule loader, grade reporting, transcripts and discipline functions. (800) 408-1618, access code 13   

Print Screen Deluxe, like the original Print Screen key in DOS applications, lets you print anything you see on your computer screen, in Windows 3.1, 95 or NT. The "Deluxe" means you can also fax or e-mail any screen, as well as save the screen to a JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG file. From JE Software, Print Screen Deluxe also lets you manipulate the saved image in a variety of ways. (800) 431-1348   

RMC Interactive has released new Teacher's Packages for the Let's Pretend series. The packages include the feature program and electronic paint program, while adding fun vocabulary words that "pop-up" and are spelled out, and a feature that presents interesting facts on every screen. New Parent Involvement activities are also included. (800) 762-6443  

Educators can now download demos of the newly upgraded MicroGrade and MicroTest III software. From Chariot Software Group, MicroGrade now features WebGrade, which creates Internet-ready grade reports. And MicroTest III lets instructors create up to 15 different test versions, while including new onscreen testing features. http://www.chariot.com   

Educators Progress Service has published a free catalog listing in detail their ten Guides to Free Materials. Using these guides, educators can find free instructional videos, posters, maps, software, activity guides, kits, magazines and much more. The guides range in price from $28 to $48. (888) 951-4469  

Avid Technologies is distributing free copies of The Executive Producer LE video logging software. Features include RS-422 control of a VTR, grabbing timecode, shot descriptions, clip reorganization, list printing, and import/export of Avid batch digitizing files. Visit http://www.avid.com to get a copy for your school's video production department.   

SAS Institute, Inc. has acquired the StatView statistical analysis software package from Abacus Concepts. SAS Institute will service the 75,000 StatView users worldwide, enhancing the product and integrating it within the SAS System. For more information on StatView, visit http://www.statview.com.   

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.