Security Devices

The Tufnut Works offers standard and custom security products that use a variety of adhesive steel plates, padlocks, cabling and fixed anchors to protect computers and peripherals from theft. The basic component is the Tufnut, a pyramid-shaped nut that can be fastened with regular tools.

New Straightlock Systems lower costs by allowing you to add standard P34, NP6 or NP3 plates (without loops attached) to secure additional equipment. The KBA Keyhole Bolt Assembly anchors the system right to the desk using a Tufnut (no padlock required).

To prevent tampering with internal components of a computer, replace two or more case screws with Caselok adapters. A cable passes through the adapters to keep the machine intact and locked down. In the last decade, more than 100,000 Tufnut systems have been installed in schools.

The firm originally developed the Tufnut to deter traffic sign theft, a common problem in areas surrounding schools. The schools themselves began purchasing the nuts to secure signs and, later, office equipment. The Tufnut Works, Tesuque, NM, (800) 227-0949,

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The Notebook Guardian Model 1029 provides an exceptionally secure fit in most popular notebook computers equipped with a built-in security slot. Design enhancements take into account variances in slot dimensions for different models of notebooks.

Customers may choose the same Master Keyed options found on previous Notebook Guardian products to maintain consistency within an organization. A new stainless steel locking tip promises maximum strength. The SRP for Model 1029 is $59.95. PC Guardian, San Rafael, CA, (800) 288-8126,

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The Lock-Down Station from SECURITYWARE comprises four factory-assembled steel components that work together to secure portable computers. An adhesive plate bonds to any surface; a base plate attaches to the adhesive plate to prevent its removal; a steel cover is bolted to the base plate; and a steel door locks into the cover and base plate to restrict access to the station's contents.

Those with a key simply unlock the door, take the computer out and turn it on. The sturdy steel case enables placement of a monitor on top without sacrificing desk space. The monitor and other peripherals also can be secured to the Lock-Down Station. SECURITYWARE, Inc., San Diego, CA, (619)


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Philips markets a range of video surveillance and communication products for indoor and outdoor environments. CCD cameras can be mounted directly to walls or placed in tamper-proof ceiling housings. The TC9341 and TC9343 domed housings, for example, allow 360 degree viewing of activities in a computer lab or other room.

Administrators may use the cameras in conjunction with monitors, VCRs, digital motion detectors and intercoms. Sold separately, the TC8850 Security Systems GUI interfaces with Allegiant Series switcher/control systems to log and report alarm events. Philips Communication & Security Systems, Inc., Lancaster, PA, (717) 295-2900,

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.