Avoid Student Conflicts by Playing The Other Side

The Other Side, from Tom Snyder Productions, uses the Internet to link students around the country in a simulation where two nations try to c'exist while maintaining a stable economy, military responsibility and national security. Two teams of student players assume leadership of two fictitious countries and, working in groups, take on different roles and collaborate to develop effective communication strategies.

The two "nations" must search for valuable resources while conducting peaceful diplomacy. Skillful communication and decision-making are required to protect each side's interests while working together towards a common goal. In light of all the negativity in the news lately regarding violence in schools, we feel that any program that teaches effective communication should be on the top of every school's list.

"Some of the most memorable discussions I've ever had with a group of kids have come after using The Other Side," said Steve Smith, a middle school teacher in Winchester, Mass. "What was amazing was how the kids were able to connect their feelings to the larger world." We suggest you immediately check this title out. Tom Snyder Productions, Watertown, MA, (800) 342-0236, www.teachtsp.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.