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Relief is at hand for young computer users at risk for posture problems. CyberStretch by Jazzercise has teamed with The Global Schoolhouse to launch a free School Giveaway Program, providing schools with Cyberstretch. Running in an interactive screensaver format, CyberStretch contains vision and relaxation breaks, posture checks and fitness tips. For information about CyberStretch or to download the School Giveaway Program, visit You can also call (888) 79-STRETCH.

Infowave Software Inc. released PowerPrint for Networks, the affordable Macintosh-friendly way for education users to print from their Macintosh to almost any PC printer over a network. Visit our Web site at Note: Infowave Software’s Imaging Division has been purchased from Infowave by Software 2000 Ltd, the world’s leading independent developer of device driver technology, to form Strydent Software Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Software 2000.

Corel Corporation recently introduced a toll-free number for its Fax on Demand and Interactive Voice Answering Network (IVAN) services. Fax on Demand allows customers to call the line and request a document to assist in answering their technical questions. Customers review an index of documents and choose the document they wish to receive by fax. IVAN allows customers to choose the product they want and hear information on various topics. Both services can be reached at (877) 42-COREL. For more information on Corel, visit them at

Another helpful service comes in the form of Teacher Created Materials' PowerPoint for Terrified Teachers. This 304-page book is designed to give creative ways on implementing PowerPoint in the classroom for all grades. The guidebook simplifies, step by step, Microsoft's PowerPoint program. For more information, call (800) 858-7339., a site for educational resources for the home and classroom, has launched the Discovery- Software Store at The online store features over 800 educational software titles, searchable by grade level and subject matter for Pre-K through the 12th grade. Each software title offered through the Software Store carries a top rating from Children's Software Revue. The collection is accompanied by reviews from leading children's software experts, descriptions and product samples.

Making a secure move, Power On Software acquired Symantec's security utility, DiskLock for Macintosh. The Norton DiskLock for Macintosh data security offers educators excellent protection with its one click file locking and encryption. By adding DiskLock to their software line, Power On Software has extended security options on the Macintosh. For more information, visit

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.