Hands-On - Acer America Corp.

Acer's Empowered Classroom vision is a technology-based learning environment that fosters collaborative learning, supports a variety of teaching strategies, enables participation by parents and the community and meets the overall objectives of education. Integration of Acer's desktop and notebooks systems with the use of Safe Harbor and EduCart in the classroom setting strives to create a safe, resource-rich Internet environment, letting you publish lessons and lecture notes directly from the classroom to the Web.

Utilizing technology from BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., Safe Harbor by Acer provides firewall Safe Harbor by Acer provides firewall security and bandwidth conservation while providing K-12 schools with the Global Chalkboard, an easy to use library of curriculum-specific Web sites. Safe Harbor also provides management of Internet services, including Chat and Newsgroups, while allowing teachers to focus e-mail transmission to approved addresses. Its classroom-ready interface allows educators to easily define what content the Internet will deliver.

EduCart is a mobile multimedia presentation station that provides the ability to annotate, edit, capture and publish live lecture and presentation materials. Teachers navigate through simple touch-sensitive 'virtual buttons' displayed on an ordinary whiteboard. A variety of multimedia classroom resources can be posted, viewed and archived on the school's Web site. Students can gain immediate access to class notes and parents can remain current with their children's instruction and be more involved in the learning process. Acer America Corp., San Jose, CA, (800) 391-ACER, www.aceredu.com.


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.