Hands-On - Datadesk Technologies

Datadesk Technologies has introduced a child's keyboard into the market. LittleFingers is a full-functioning keyboard with all of the standard features, only made smaller for a child's hands.

At no additional cost, Mario Teaches Typing 2, a software program by the Learning Company, comes with each LittleFingers keyboard. 'Until now, children have been compelled to use the larger adult-sized keyboards, and many never learned the correct and comfortable way to touch type because they simply couldn't reach all the keys,' according to Datadesk Technologies.

The child-size keyboard works on both PC and Macintosh systems. A dual-mode feature means another keyboard can be used next to LittleFingers simultaneously, allowing teachers or parents to work side-by-side with the child. It is durable and portable for easy transport to and from school or anyplace else. Datadesk Technologies, San Mateo, CA, (888) 446-3222, www.datadesktech.com.


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.