Hands-On - IAMCARD, Inc.

IAMCARD, Inc. utilizes barcode technology to create student photo identification cards that are used to compile attendance information and can, ultimately, control access to school property and resources. Students are issued photo identification cards and, by merely swiping the ID card through a scanner, are registered as present for the school day. The system can be interfaced with an auto dialer so that parents of every student not in attendance can be called to notify them of their child's absence.

In addition to gathering attendance data, some schools use the system to control access to school doors, thereby enhancing the school's safety and security. The system has been developed to be a total school solution, with photo ID cards serving multiple purposes that can assist all schools at all grade levels.

One obvious application is in school food service. Here, the ID card acts as a debit card, automatically deducting purchases from a student's pre-paid account and even notifying parents when the account is running low. This also translates into confidentiality for students on free or reduced meal plans. Another useful application is tracking the checkout of library materials, textbooks and other school equipment. IAMCARD, Inc., Kettering, OH, (800) 765-6131, www.iamcard.com.


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.