Knowledge Adventure's Jump Start 1st Grade


Jump Starting the 1st Grade with Learning and Fun

Using challenging and engaging activities, Knowledge Adventure's Jump Start 1st Grade offers 18 modules teaching 92 educational skills in the areas of Math, Language Arts and Science. As the program begins, step by step explanations are given on what the student is being asked to do and how to use each item on the tool bar. Note that the tool bar d'es not stay in sight, requiring the student to remember how to make it appear. If students get confused, the Help feature will rephrase and repeat directions.

Students can choose between three places to visit: the Book Club, where passages are read aloud; the Science Game, where descriptions are given and students must 'shoot' the correct answer; and the Lost & Found, where students play a form of concentration to match synonyms, antonyms, etc. Once the student has conquered these three areas, they go on a Treasure Hunt. The Treasure Hunt involves using problem-solving skills, map skills and graphing.

Jump Start 1st Grade is very student and classroom friendly, providing helpful, instructional feedback to students in a non-threatening manner. It offers an Assessment section that places students at the appropriate level. An incorrect response moves the student to the next skill area. I feel this section is a bit too lengthy and could have been set up to target each area in separate assessments. However, the assessment is quite helpful in showing a student's strengths and weaknesses. From this assessment, the program automatically sets the skill level for students so that they will remain challenged.

Jump Start 1st Grade has many valuable assets, including The Parent Resource Center, which provides a comprehensive progress report and links one product to another in the Jump Start Series.

Also included is The Workbook, a feature that serves as a link between school and home and allows you to print out pages on identified skills for extra reinforcement.

Jump Start 1st Grade, with its animated hosts and interactive activities, is an easily navigated program, providing students with just the right balance of learning and fun. This program will hold students' attention while reinforcing skills that are taught in the classroom.


Paula Woodham
Assistant Principal
Bellview Elementary School
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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.