Blackboard Software Hits Market in US and Abroad

Blackboard, Inc. has introduced its online solutions for hosting Web-based courses for mid-level and enterprise-wide systems. Blackboard CourseInfo 3.0 is a mid-level server product used by K-12 schools or universities to create and to maintain scalable course Web sites. Blackboard standardizes the functionality that Web courses demand without customers having to install a Blackboard platform in their own servers.

Blackboard Campus is the enterprise-level online course system. It provides a locally installed, online campus that integrates with university administrative systems and can be customized to suit the institution's unique look and feel. The multinational company NextEd, Ltd., has agreed to license the Blackboard Campus TM software platform for use across its international server network in Asia/Pacific, Europe and Africa. NextEd offers 72 fully accredited university courses on Blackboard's open-software platform and plans to support more than 400 by January 2000. Blackboard, Inc., Washington, DC, (202) 463-4860,


This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.