New Releases - The Lightspan Partnership, Inc.

Lightspan Achieve Now is a K-6 curriculum program that combines interactive software, teacher materials, assessment and on-site professional development in reading/language arts and mathematics. The curriculum software, Lightspan Adventures, is delivered on CD-ROM and runs on either PC or the Sony PlayStation game console that attaches to a standard television set. Schools using Lightspan Achieve Now lend software and a PlayStation to each participating family, allowing students to access the same curriculum software at home.

Teacher materials include details about Lightspan Adventure, activities, lesson plans and more. Lightspan Assessment allows teachers to create an individual learning path for each child. Professional development sessions for teachers, administrators and families help all those who are involved in the program achieve the maximum results. The Lightspan Partnership, Inc., San Diego, CA, (888) 4 ALL KIDS,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.