Networking - NetFORCE 100R

The NetFORCE 100R from Procom combines RAID-5 disk drive implementation with fault-tolerant hardware architecture that is designed to meet and exceed the 24 x 7 availability demands of Windows NT computing environments. Fans and power supplies are hot-swappable in a process that takes just seconds and requires no tools. Similarly, all disk drives are hot-swappable and are mounted on slide-in shuttles to facilitate quick and easy replacement.Procom's "protected storage" design also includes an optional SCSI tape connection that enables high-speed backup to an AIT or DLT device for securing critical data. It offers security with share, user and pass-through "NT Domain" support. Procom Technology, Santa Ana, CA, (949) 852-1000,


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.