New Programs Deliver Interactive Learning Benefits

Two new Internet-based learning activities, Reading Adventures Online and Writer’s Studio Online from Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC), are both extensions of the existing CCC SuccessMaker programs, Reading Adventures and Writer’s Studio. Both strive to deliver key Internet interactive learning benefits including research, online interaction and collaboration with peers and experts. Teachers and students need not be subscribers to SuccessMaker in order to access the extensions.

Reading Adventures Online features literature-based reading selections with pre and post reading exercises to help develop and strengthen critical reading, vocabulary and writing skills. One of the activity’s highlights is called "Web Wisdom." It shows students how to conduct online research and how to evaluate a Web site. Teachers are able to access student work through printouts.

Writer’s Studio Online helps students select interesting writing topics and learn the standard 5-step writing process. Being online allows learners to work individually or collaboratively, send and receive peer feedback, and publish their work using the online publishing tool. Computer Curriculum Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, (800) 455-7910,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.