ISDN Centrex Phones Link Students to Learning

Fujitsu has enacted price deductions for three models of ISDN centrex telephones. The three models, the SRS-1025i, SRS-1050 and SRS-2100 telephones, are available from a nationwide network of distributors. All three are for use with centrex service, offered by local telephone service providers. Centrex allows subscribers to use an on-premises telephone switch without the capital cost of a switch and the accompanying maintenance issues.

With the SRS-1025i, educational institutions can allow students to take part in distance learning environments, linking to the Internet, an intranet or another video image source. It takes the two "B" channels that an ISDN connection offers and dedicates one to the data link and the other to a voice channel, allowing the user to make a phone call without disrupting the connection.

The SRS-1050 and SRS-2100 models are voice-only telephones. They support National ISDN, as well as 5E custom ISDN. They offer features like hands-free operation, one-touch dialing, 48- or 160-character LCD display screens, oversized keypad, message waiting light, and multi-function keys for call appearance, feature assignment and speed dialing. Also included are advanced voice features such as caller ID, calling name display and call status display. Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc., Richardson, TX, (800) 777-FAST,


This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.