A Cross-Country Journey for Elementary Students

USA Explorer from DK Interactive Learning is a CD-ROM that encourages children to explore the USA through striking topographical illustrations, video animations, sound effects and music. The program takes children on a virtual adventure, as they journey around the United States unraveling clues in order to deliver a secret package. Children will learn about the rich history of the East Coast, the natural wonders of the West, and all areas in-between. The program teaches students about people and places of interest, and the activities build important critical thinking, problem solving and reading skills.

A vividly illustrated map of the United States comes alive with sound and animation as a child travels from place to place. Along the way, he or she taps into hundreds of fascinating facts about local regions, cities and towns, and gains a perspective of the USA’s location in the context of the entire world. Children develop their own travelogue, with photos and medals awarded upon successfully reaching a designated destination. They can also personalize a map to find their home, create a regional weather report, or write and send postcards from different parts of the USA. A simple interface, auto-narrated text, and a child-friendly index make the software accessible to children of all abilities. DK Interactive Learning, New York, NY, (888) DIAL-DKP, www.dk.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.