IBM World Book Discoveries DVD

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review World Book Discoveries DVD. The program was an easy fit to my classroom setting, and provided the students with an additional source of valuable information concerning world history. The program is also versatile enough to be used in any class.

I found World Book Discoveries to be extremely user friendly and easy to learn. The main gallery of the program allows you to investigate various people, places and times in world history. Traveling up and down the “halls of time” is an exciting experience that my students loved. They also had a fun time exploring the different aspects of world history, and are constantly asking to continue using the program. There is enough information to spend several days within the program and still not have visited all the areas.

I specifically liked that the introduction was very stylish with incredible sound and graphics. I was completely blown away by the entire program. The map section was especially effective. It easily allows you to slide along a time-line throughout history. You can travel from the Big Bang to the American Revolution to the next millennium.

The only problem I found in the program was the search engine. While it allows you to go throughout the program quickly, it lacks the style of the rest of the DVD. World Book Discoveries provides an enormous amount of information at the click of a button. With its impressive graphics and sounds, anyone purchasing the program for their school will be extremely pleased.




Dennis H. Holler

Technology Educator

Englewood High School

[email protected]




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World Book/IBM

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This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.